Oh my god this is so fucking funny. And now I want to re-re-read those books gdi. Also, I'm glad you seem to understand the dynamic of Percy and Annabeth's relationship. (Pretty much just Percy: "I'm gonna say some sarcastic shit to this deadly monster/god even tho I'm 12" Annabeth: "Percy, gdi, no" Percy: "Percy, yES") —gaysandangels


annabeth is the strongest person i know. annabeth is the backbone of this country. i would do anything for annabeth. she survived ten days of percy jackson pissing off literally everybody and getting into fights. more of them to come. pray for annabeth. no— pray to annabeth

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—Mr D, probably (via nicowantsthediangelo)

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are u kidding me. annabeth has not got any time for you. annabeth has not got time for anyone

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imagine all the dudes at camp jupiter hearing about this and doing it to jason


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more nico bc this song came on when i was sketching- [x]

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"Dude." Percy sent his thoughts through the water, the way he spoke to other sea creatures. "A goldfish?"
Frank’s voice came back to him: “I freaked. We were talking about goldfish, so it was on my mind. Sue me.”

Oh man gotta love these two dorks. First drawing in photoshop I made after quite a while. I just love to experiment with brushes.
Also first time I draw Frank even though he is a goldfish

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He pleaded with those sea-green eyes, like a cute baby seal that needed help. Piper wondered how Annabeth ever won an argument with this guy.

-The Mark of Athena page 477

u can’t resist the cute baby seal

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My dash is lacking…


Reblog if you post about
Heroes of Olympus
Legend of Korra
Hemlock Grove
Death Note
Fire Emblem Awakening
Cause I’m seriously lacking these on my dash and need to follow more blogs

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Imagine arguments on the Argo II. 

Leo rants in Spanish.

Piper rants in France French.

Hazel rants in Louisiana French.

Jason rants in Latin.

Percy rants in Horse or Fish.

Frank rants in Chinese.

Nico rants in Italian.

Annabeth rants in Ancient Greek.

And Coach Hedge is running around them all yelling, “WAAAAAAAAARRRRR!”

All of them have actual language and then there’s percy as always

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i have a headcanon that annabeth does gymnastics and her instructor is like “wow annabeth! if you get any better you could be an olympian!” and its like a camera zoom on her face and shes likeimageeheheheeheheh…ehehehe…eheh…eh

The mortals don’t even know

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I’m definitely obsessed with flower crowns :S

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remember that time percy’s mom killed like four people

remember that time percy’s mom killed four people and then
sold their bodies

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Guess who’s back?! Not me, but here’s an update~

The girls in greek and roman clothes? Idk, I didn’t exactly look them up just out of my head so probably not very precise but yeah.

Also sorry for always putting my pics vertically but the quality gets crappy if it’s horizontally.

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Happy (late) birthday to my Forever girl 

sorry for the crappiness, first ever animation 

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