I’m so worried about camp half blood tho like honestly how are they gonna beat the Romans on top of everything with Gaea awakening and the world falling apart

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"Where’s my sister?"

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a drawing of percy and annabeths hug after they escaped from C.C in “the sea of monsters”

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not-shazam replied to your post: oh man I just realized that both Piper…

Someone brings an old movie to camp, where their parents play a teenage couple and both don’t know how to feel about it while watching


"Oh my gods—" Piper’s hand flew to her mouth while beside her, Jason apparently choked on a fistful of popcorn. 

The crowd of campers turned around to the flustered couple in curiosity, but Piper was too busy oh my gods-ing and Jason was turning blue, so neither had the ability to answer. 

She, Leo, and Jason had gone to the New York Public Library one day to do research on Jason’s mom. They’d gotten a picture and a name—which was easy, since Tiffany Grace used to be a starlight—and that was why Zeus’s Cabin walls were now covered in magazine covers and old pictures of Jason’s mother. 

Who was now flashing a pretty smile at Piper’s heart-throb, teenager dad at makeout point. 

Who was now swapping spit with Piper’s heart-throb teenager dad at makeout point. 

Who was—

"I need an adult." A whimper fell from Jason’s lips and his hand flew to his eyes. “Oh my gods—” 

"Whoa," Leo said right next to them. He grinned from ear-to-ear and cocked his head to his best friends. "So that’s what you two do, eh?” 

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The Augur by yurixmeister

This took longer than I intended only because I really wanted it to come out the way I saw it in my head. I love Octavian.

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you know that line at the end of house of hades where reyna says percy couldnt find his way out of a paper bag without annabeth

well i felt inspired ~

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the only hoo characters i draw are piper drew and hazel so here’s a headshot line up of the only new characters from hoo that i remember

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Bianca gets flustered super easily and Thalia can’t resist uwu

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mean girls au in which annabeth is regina george (based on this)

i wanted to draw this for sometime but then i saw mean girls on tv & i took it as a sign

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What doesn’t kill you will come back to kill you later - a biography of Percy Jackson

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first grade. annabeth falls, scrapes her knee on the pavement. percy runs over her, and tells her to sit still. he looms over her knee and begins crying into her scrape. she asks what in the hell he’s doing. percy looks up with a deeply serious look in his eye, and he says “pegasus tears heal wounds”

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all your headcanons about Sally Jackson? —Anonymous


  • was only nineteen or twenty when she met poseidon
  • never resented having to raise percy by herself (like, not even once)
  • really small and petite
  • curly-ish hair and freckles
  • met paul because they both got lost going to the same lecture
  • really enjoys cooking because it’s relaxing
  • always gets up in the middle of the night to check on percy even after he turned sixteen
  • frequently teams up with paul to embarrass percy
  • carries a picture of percy when he was little as well as a current one
  • used to roller skate and take some kind of karate in highschool
  • was an honors student
  • had a bet with paul on when percy and annabeth would start dating (she won, obviously)
  • tried to put percy into a daycare when he was a baby but he cried so much on the way there that she turned around and took him home
  • resented her uncle a bit for not really being there for her until he got cancer and they ended up getting closer while she took care of him
  • the only woman who can make poseidon nervous
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Oh my god this is so fucking funny. And now I want to re-re-read those books gdi. Also, I'm glad you seem to understand the dynamic of Percy and Annabeth's relationship. (Pretty much just Percy: "I'm gonna say some sarcastic shit to this deadly monster/god even tho I'm 12" Annabeth: "Percy, gdi, no" Percy: "Percy, yES") —gaysandangels


annabeth is the strongest person i know. annabeth is the backbone of this country. i would do anything for annabeth. she survived ten days of percy jackson pissing off literally everybody and getting into fights. more of them to come. pray for annabeth. no— pray to annabeth

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—Mr D, probably (via nicowantsthediangelo)

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